This Is My Life

This is the post excerpt.

I am writing to tell my life love story. It involves how love of family from family love shaped my life. I am here to share how incest can be a positive lifestyle. If it’s not for you, don’t read please. My life has been non-violent and is free of rape, beatings and the darkness that is thought to consume the lifestyle. And that’s just what it is, a lifestyle. If you don’t agree with it, as I know it’s not for everyone don’t angrily criticize me for living my life in it. My story is a beautiful one, I hope you enjoy your reading journey with me.  Incestđź’— I am a product of it, not a victim of it. 


Chapter 6:A Hole In One and Then Some

“Oh god, your sweet pussy is as amazing as your lovely mouth. Your father and brother are such lucky men to have you.” Steven said to me as he slowly stroked in and out of me. Father just smiled and nodded his thanks as he was now enjoying my lovely mouth himself. I loved the feeling of father’s hands in my hair, guiding my head on his long thick cock.

The grinding and stroking went on and on. This was such a different feeling over me. Looking into father’s eyes as I sucked and licked him and having Steven thrusting in my pussy was so different than with father and T. So different in that I was taken to an entirely new height of orgasmic bliss. At that very moment of thought I felt Steven pulsing and thrusting me hard from behind, my mouth was feeling the eruption of father! Oh god, I was cumming! What was this euphoria?! My eyes shut tightly and opened again only to see stars and fireworks and sunshine all at the same time! This was my sunshine at night in Aruba! I didn’t think the sun shined at night here. Yeah, it doesn’t! Only for me.

Looking over at the other trio still going at it as well. Father pulled me up to him and kissed me lightly on the mouth as we turned our attention on the others. T was looking at me with surprise and lust in his eyes for me. As always, I was drawn to be by his side. And I gladly walked over to meet his lips with mine as he was pumping into mother. “I love you.” T said gently in my ear. Sending me into my place with him as he had been able to do to me since we were kids. He took my hand and placed it on Jolene’s breast. The woman gasped quietly with pleasure. I leaned in and kissed her mouth, dragging my lips down her neck and began firmly sucking her nipple. Brother then pulled out of mother and put his hard slick cock in my mouth. So good to be needed by my brother. I realized this point when T said those three words to me, he was asking me to do this with him.

At T’s silent request I put both my hands on Jolene’s shoulders pushing her back gently. Still at her side, I continued to kiss and suck her nipples, her neck and her mouth. T was now over her and spreading her legs he pulled my head down to her wet pussy. Wow! Jolene was more that wet, she was dripping from her beautiful slit. “Oh T, she’s so ready for you bro.But since you offered her to me…” I said snarkly as everyone in the room laughed. Steven was all over mother at this point. She was enjoying his dick as much as I had as father enjoyed a blow from her at the same time. 

Enough of looking at the others, getting into this pussy was on my mind. Jolene bucked gently when I put my tongue on her slit. She tasted delicious, felt so soft and a little fluffy. So different from the pussys of my cousin C and mother, but so tasty indeed.  Caught up in the moment, I took hold of T’s hard dick and began alternating licking pussy and sucking dick. Oh it was so damn good! Was I turning myself into a whore? Haha!! Then I realized it was time to introduce my brother to this strangers’ pussy. With one last long deep throated suck and lick, I placed his loving cock into Jolene’s achingly wet pussy. Once inside of her, he pulled me by my hair to his face and kissed me deeper than he ever had. More grown up of a kiss, passionate even. 

 At what should have seemed an awkward moment for all of us, the front door swung open and there stood all three of Jolene’s and Steven’s children. Nice surprise, they looked to be my and T’s ages. T was still pumping slowly in Jolene at her request for him to not stop, “It’s not like we don’t fuck all the time at home.” We all laughed as Steven made the introductions. No wonder Steven knew about us, he has natural instinct for loving families. What doesn’t stop us is what keeps us going, right?  And that’s just what we did. What a night it was. 

There was eighteen year old twins Cecily and Henry and nineteen year old Patrick. And what a cutie pie Patrick was. I could feel him in me as I watched him watching me. Cecily took no time in stripping off her little sundress, how sexy she undressed herself as she heavily watched T, who was thrusting fast in and out of her own mother. She walked over to our threesome and kneeling down to Jolene, stroked her hair and kissed her cheeks and lips so gently and deeply it gave me chills making my own nipples pebble. Turning and looking into my eyes, Cecily crawled over and before I knew it, I was in full embrace and touching her already wet pussy. I wanted her badly. 

Steven arrived at my side, “Wanna share her?” He asked Cecily with an arched eyebrow. “Mmm hmm.” She answered back as my fingers spread her pussy lips. Oh what a fucking fabulous night this had turned out to be! I sure do hope it’s not our last. Although I will give a spoiler here, we never had a vacation like this again. Once in a lifetime is what this was. I couldn’t wait to see and feel what these next two weeks had in store for all of us. Especially me that cute Patrick.

Chapter 5: Away to New Worlds

Those last summer months after graduation were fabulous. Mother and father took us on two week long family vacation to Aruba. Brother and I had our own private wing in the house where we stayed. We were both sort of puzzled by that at first, but brushed it off as the parents wanting to start their empty nesting early. WE soon found out why while at the bar for drinks on the beach. 

They gifted us our own wing just in case we wanted to have some fun with other vactioners. They informed us that they planned to do that very thing. We all laughed. Those pretty drinks were going to my head and making me hornier than usual, as if that could happen. Staring at my brother dressed in his next to nothing swim shorts, seeing how he was looking at me the same way. I scooted closer and we started making out. Right there in public, his free hand was massaging my tits right out of my skimpy bikini top. No one in Aruba knew our family! How wonderful this was. “Let’s not let on to anyone here that were siblings.” I said to T. “No problem with that”, he whispered back into my ear as he proceeded to carry his kisses down my neck. Mmm those kisses were seductively dangerous for me and he’d always known that. He loved to do things like this to me in public where no one knew who we were. He had done it once in front of our friends when he’d lost a bet on purpose just so he could kiss me in public. Our friends had thought nothing of it and we all laughed afterward. Just a lost bet wagered by his stupid friends. 

That night while having family dinner we noticed another couple eyeing our parents. It became all the more interesting as our dessert was served accompanied by a wonderful bottle of port wine of which we had not ordered. As our server left us, we were approached by a good looking older gentleman sporting a slight smile. And the way his gaze was fixed upon mother, I knew exactly why he had ordered us that lovely wine. He spoke,”Good evening. My wife and I have been deserted by our children for dinner and our evening swim. We were just admiring how lovely your family looks here together.” Said the gentleman, smiling the entire time, never removing his gaze from mother.  “Oh my! Pardon my manners please. I’m Steven and my wife is Jolene. We were wondering if you and your family had plans this evening and if not, allow us to host you for an evening swim and nightcap. Their aren’t many families like both of ours, what with older children and…well. Wives as beautiful as ours are, if I may” Steven stood there, now looking to father for an answer of yes.

Father lifted his brow at mother, “Yes, we’d be delighted to swim and enjoy a nightcap or two.” Steven then looked to me, his eyes were mesmerizing. “With the kids, hopefully. No need to leave them out of the fun.” Mother then glanced over to me, both of us with a cat devil eye and announced she would have it no other way. “Thank you so much Steven. We would all love to join you and Jolene. Won’t you two join us here. Your table is so large for just the two of you.” 

Like a small boy hitting a homerun, Steven smiled so big and motioned for his wife Jolene to join us for wine and dessert. Steven sat next to me and Jolene sat next to mother. Father ordered two extra forks and spoons and we all shared in the fantastic assortment of small cakes and fruit tarts. At one point we were all laughing so hard at a joke father told I could have sworn at that moment that Jolene put her hand on mother’s upper thigh. Mother never flinched at it though. She only looked at the woman happily smiling. Steven’s own hands had been a bit busy under the table cloth as well. On getting between my legs. T and I were holding hands discreetly under the table on my left side. So much going on and it was only our first full day here. 

Well finally leaving the restaurant we headed toward or house to grab suits and towels only to be stopped by Jolene saying, “Oh no, kids! No need to go all the way back there. You can borrow suits from our kids. They’re not back yet and wouldn’t mind sharing at all.” Brother and I just smiled at each other shrugging our shoulders and followed the eldest adults in this bunch. I was actually not going to wear a stitch of anything to swim as I’m always up for the surprise. But no one needed to know that yet. Before we were through the front door their house, Jolene had her hand around mother’s lower waist and was gently touching her ass. What a night this was turning out to be. 

Upon entry, Jolene stripped her body of her cute little dress and sandals and turning around right in front of mother preceded to place both arms around her unzipping and coaxing off her dress as well. And in that moment we saw our mother kissing and loving on another woman whom we had all just met. Mother and father were not swingers, well not that we knew of anyway. Tee hee… What a lovely view they were. Both Steven and father stood there with erections in their pants. It was time to have a little fun. What would they care anyhow. These people didn’t know us aside from just meeting tonight. 

“Hey there,” I said to father with a wink. “Would you like some assistance dad?” I was chuckling inside hoping it wasn’t showing outwardly. And crossing the room towards them both, I undid and pulled down father’s pants. As I undid the buttons on his shirt I stroked his lovely erection. Right there in front of Steven. I then turned my eyes toward Steven, “Would you be needing help as well?” I asked him. The man swallowed hard and I knew I had them both, he and father. “Yes please. How accommodating your daughter is.” As I was undoing his pants, he was unbuttoning his own shirt. His erection sprung to freedom as I gently pulled down his pants and gave his cock the same stroke service I had given father. “Yes, she is so good in that way and many more. She gives a mean blow job. Her brother and I have enjoyed quite a few from that sweet mouth.” Said father.         This made me so happy to hear. I then realized that T and I were about to have our first group sex party. And just as they had been there for every step of our lives, they were now present for this as well. T and I had the best parents in the world and we knew it. We were going to learn how to handle what was outside of our world of calm sexual encounters with family. We were about to have sex with people who were out of our comfort zones. At that moment I took que from father and knelt down and began to suck Steven’s hard cock. 

I could hear the nice noises we were so accustomed to from mother coming from the opposite side of the room as she was being lavished by T’s and Jolene’s mouths together on her beautiful pussy and they both had a handful of tit as well. I was so happy for brother and excited to see how he liked the feeling of a new pussy wrapped around his hard cock. I was no longer jealous since learning to share him with mother. I only had feelings of warmth and happiness for him, but I did expect him to end his night inside of me. That’s not jealousy at all, or is it? 

Continuing to suck deeper and lick with vigor, this new cock to my own mouth. Steven was not as big as father, but he had a nice enough package on himself. I was so wet and could feel my own drip. At just about that time like clockwork, knowing my body, father came over behind me. He tickled my crack with his erection. Oh I wanted him so at this moment and he knew it. He laid his body under me and brought me down upon his hardness as I continued to suck this strangers cock and we began grinding in rhythm. This was the most loving act a father could give his daughter. Guiding me in my first threesome, making certain no one hurts me, his little girl. Father and I came harder together than we ever had with mother and brother. And right after we loosed our cum, Steven removed his erection from my mouth, lifted my body turning me around and slid that hard cock right inside of me. What a wonderful feeling it was and different, so different from my family’s glorious dicks I’d been having all these years now. From brother and father and even a few cousins and for a couple of summers two of my uncles, this cock was so foreign to my body and yet felt so very good. And father was right here with me to watch me enjoy it and oh did I ever enjoy it. Such love our family had together. And these people didn’t seem to care. That part, I found it so interesting. 

Chapter4: Morning Pussy

The months to come held so much that was new for us. As a family, our unity had been strenghtened and our desires for one another heightened. It was not out of our normal to walk in on father and mother,mother and son, son and daughter or father and daughter rubbing, playing or fucking. Mornings were still my favorite time of the day. When sleeping family bed style, waking to T’s  and father’s morning erections and or mother’s freshly wet pussy made me so happy. 

Finally having been given parental permission to dive between those beautiful legs of mothers and lick her glistening pussy and suck that clit. I felt I had been given a true gift in that I had not only been watching and hungry for father’s cock to be in me, but brother and I had both been watching mother for the same reason. So to wake before her some mornings was a treat for me. I loved bringing her to orgasm before her eyes were even open to greet the day. And waking father with a blow job while brother either watched on or fucked me was such a treat for father as well. Waking to father between my own legs and mother blowing brother awake was a great game for us. And then some mornings our parents just liked to watch me and T have oral and or intercourse so they could have each other to themselves. 

I can remember thinking that everyone should have a family bed like us. My friends at school would never know nor ever feel the type of pure love my family was blessed to have. Our parents were not abusive in any way, we still got to be kids and enjoy life. The world would better understand our lifestyle and accept us outside of our own walls if incest wasn’t such a taboo. I hate the word incest, I like family love much better.

One of the best mornings in memory is walking into our kitchen to find mother starting coffee. She turned around leaning back on the counter and smiled that infectious smile of hers. Her breasts were so lovely in the glow of the sunrise, I couldn’t keep myself away. I walked right over to her and began sucking her nipples, left then right and back again. Mother gasped out a quiet squeak as she arched in towards my mouth. I always thought my mother had the nicest tits in the world. And they tasted so good too. I was so into sucking her plump tits that I didn’t hear when we acquired company in the kitchen. 

Father stood near the stove top that was built into the kitchen island. A smile on his face so big, yet not so harsh as to break out into laughter. He came closer to us and started kissing mother on the mouth and fingering her pussy as I continued sucking those marvelous breasts of hers. Could this morning be any better? 

I took father’s large hard swelled cock in my hand and began to stroke him just as T walked into the kitchen. His cock standing to full attention as if saluting the general. “Get over here”, I said to him. He knew what he wanted from this breakfast buffet. Spreading my legs and sliding that hard cock inside me gave me such a rush. I sucked mother’s tits more eagerly then. The moans of joy coming from her mouth as she was watching me, her daughter on her tits, her son fucking me and father kissing her hungrily all over was making making both me and mother cum simultaneously. The creamy fluid that ran down our legs made it quite evident. 

Father turned mother around so he could get at her from behind. But first he offered his hard cock to my mouth for a few slurpy licks as he continued to deep finger fuck mother. So there we were, both mother and I facing the kitchen counter as we’re being fucked by our men of the house. Mother turned her head towards mine and her eyes were so powerful and deep I could have drowned in them. I leaned in and kissed her so deeply that I saw stars in the morning sunlight. 

Thinking about me and brother graduating high school and learning to live without family love was tearing me part inside.

Chapter 3: I Was 17 He was 18

To me, our family incest was our way of life. The adults to my own knowledge never touched the children until we were upper teen. Our lifestyle was bore within us. Everything had become so clear to me as I would think back to family visits and reunions. The way father would touch my aunts and uncles, the moments I would find mother in an embrace with the same. Why the late night adult games had turned quiet with whimpered noises.

Soon enough, T and all of our teen cousins were given permission to play the way we wanted. The best times I had were in that wonderful hay field with my favorite female cousins C and B. Oh the things I learned in that field.

And again those sweet kisses goodbye followed by the long country road drive back home. I remember one of those long backseat rides home I could not keep my eyes off of T’s penis peeking out of his jog shorts. I could see the head, shiny and dripping its juice. I placed my hand on it and he breathed deeply. Mother looked in the back seat and giggled, giving me a lift of the eyebrow. 

I couldn’t help myself. I pulled down those shorts and brothers hardness sprang out and I leaned in with no embarrassment, of course, and started to suck that lovely rod. Watching us from her front seat, mother licked her own lips slowly and giggled at our fun. 

That evening when we finally arrived back home, unloaded the car and showered clean, we all climbed into my favorite place, our family bed. Funny how everyone has their own spot. We were always the same order: mother, brother, me and father. I don’t know why we kept this order all those years, but I always suspected they kept me and brother in the middle so we could keep our sex exclusive to us. Since it was a surprise for our parents to wake to me and brother fucking quietly under the covers. And still mother and father had never touched us in a sexual way for their own pleasure. The night brought much needed sleep and the next morning brought a new sort of family time. 

Mother rose from bed and opened the floor length drapes that covered a patio door which led out to our back yard. Brother as always was spooning me through the night and woke kissing my neck. I loved those kisses. I was facing my father’s backside. Mother came back to bed.

Soon enough I could feel a hand between me and T and I knew it wasn’t mine or his. It was mother’s hand. Gently beginning to stroke his morning erection. At first I was sad and a bit jealous. That first erection of the morning had been mine and only mine for so many years now. How dare she touch it! Then I had the feeling of fingers on my slit, rubbing very gently. It felt so good, different from brothers fingers. Those fingers belonged to mother. 

Mother raised herself up on her arm to persuade my hand to father’s penis. I had wanted father for so long. Watching him around the house when he would have an erection was one of the most lovely sights to me. I was so excited to have this chance to have him in my hand. Father’s morning erection was so hard and so big that my whole hand didn’t even fit around it. 

At this point we were in full mode of what would become our grown up family playtime. Father rolled over rubbing sleep from his eyes and he gasped when he realized the hand on his big cock was mine. Father looked over to mother,  ‘ “It’s time, darling. It’s time.” ‘ she said to him. The look in her eyes, the hardening of her nipples, the butterflies in my stomach and the sensation of brother now sucking my nipples, the throbbing of fathers hard cock in my hand! Oh I was ready for this new playtime. Yes……

Mother climbed over T to get to me. Telling me it was ok to suck fathers cock. She was happy to share him with me finally. I did not have to be told twice, I licked and sucked that hard cock I had seen walking around in front me all those years. Mother and father both laughed at my hidden hunger for it. Then I realized the way T was looking at me. It wasn’t sadness, but I could tell he felt the same about me and father as I felt of him and mother. 

I stopped the blow job and crawled over to my brother, kissing him long and tenderly. Our mother and father watched us give one another permission to continue as we entered this new way of our lives. I will never love another as I have loved my own brother. 

Permission given, I gladly went back to sucking father’s cock, my new cock, the one that gave me life. He was so gentle in how he touched my hair and face. How he stroked mother while she was licking and sucking my brother. Then came what brother and I had been talking secretly about and both wishing for all this time. We were going to be with our parents in the purest way. 

Mother told me to mount father as she wanted me to be able to take him in me without too much pain. He was quite well endowed and what a lovely cock father’s was. So as any good teacher would do, mother guided me through it. All the while keeping me wet and able for him. 

Father felt so damn good inside of me. I had been waiting for so long. The look on his face was pure love for me. He pulled me down upon him and kissed my face and lips so tenderly. Finally touching my body the way I had only dreamed of. And on mother’s side of the family bed, brother was in her balls deep missionary style. She held on as he gently glided in and out of her. Pelting her with kisses and hot breaths. T and I looked into each other’s eyes. I was no longer jealous. 

Chapter 2: Not All At Once

To read my first entry, one may tend to think that my parents had their way with me and my brother after finding out what we knew. But no, that’s not how my story goes. 

That morning on the porch swing with mother was only the beginning of a sweet tender love that was taught and shown to brother and me. At nine 1/2, almost ten years old, I had the beginnings of breast buds and fuzziness on my pubic parts. 

That same morning mother talked with father with me present. From that moment on we hid nothing. My parents were nudists yet always trying to keep brother and I more “normal” than they were. Maybe that’s why I felt the touching and playing in the hay field was an okay thing. I had always seen my father touch my mother in her nicer places.

We began living in full nude at home. It was wonderful and freeing. I watched father as he walked around flaccid and sometimes full hard on. I watched as mother stroked his penis gently and giggled as she did. Brother and I watched them disappear from one room and heard their love making in the next. They never closed the doors to our bedrooms or to theirs. By doing this, our parents allowed us to see and know that nakedness was normal.Lovemaking and sex were normal. To drip between your legs or having a hard on was normal. By the time I was thirteen and brother was fourteen, T and I were sleeping in the same bed either his or mine. Never anything more than gentle kissing or touching went on between us. Until…

One night before bedtime good nights mother told T and I we were to sleep with her and father. We thought it nothing out of the ordinary. So excited to sleep in the family bed we snuggled down in the middle between our parents. “Oh no. No sleeping is happening right now. Time for a family lesson.” Said my father. 

Mother gently pulled back the covers and found brother and I already touching each other. No shame there though. T was erect and very hard, I was moist between my legs. Mother opened my legs and offered me to my brother with no argument from me. I wanted him badly, he wanted me too. So right there in my parents bed we were instructed how to have intercourse. Mother and father demonstrated together and T and I followed directions.It was one of the best nights of my life. He was so very gentle with father’s guidance that it barely hurt at all. 

Mother and father then explained to us that we were to have sex with no one else except other until we were older and ready to marry. That way we were able to experiment and try new things always knowing that we were clean for each other. And even after that night, still no sex with mother or father for either one of us. 


Chapter 1: Let’s Start At The Beginning

As a child when my family and I would visit grandpa’s farm we would have so much fun. We learned how to milk the family cow, gather eggs, ride horses, how the hay was bailed for winter and my least favorite part, slopping the pigs. Yuck! 

Then one summer when I was nine 1/2 years old the learning took a slight curve. My brother(T)and I were running a race through the hay fields with three of our cousins, two boys(L and D) and a girl(C). The boys passed us up quickly and when we two girls finally reached the edge of the field, the boys said we had to “pay up”. 

Being that I had lost many a bet to my brother, I told the boys when we get back to the house I’d give them my church quarter. Oh was I going to get it when mother realized I didn’t have my Sunday offering. But my cousins said they didn’t want my quarter. What they wanted wasn’t in my purse. My cousin C sighed loudly as she knew what her brothers meant.

As a child I loved wearing dresses and that hasn’t changed one bit into my adulthood. I love a breezy easy dress. L and D walked closer to me and C lifting up our sundresses and pulling down our panties. They instructed my brother to pull down his shorts with them as well. Feeling the warm air on my private parts was so soothing for me and I, for some reason was not afraid of all the touching and learning that occurred on that warm early summer afternoon in the hay field. 

After hugging and kissing our goodbyes, my family and I made the long country highway drive home. The next morning while snuggled close to my mother on the porch swing I reached into her blouse and played with her nipple. She was not startled, nor did she reprimand me for doing it. She asked me calmly why and I told her what had happened. She then looked me in the eye and told me it was time I learned from her and my father. Life in our house changed in such a good way that summer. 

That day in the field shaped me into who I am today. I love sex. I’m bisexual. I haven’t looked back because it’s the perfect life for me. I am unapologetic for the life I have lived.